Goals and Target Audience

Tata Motors – GOALS

The following information has been taken from the Coporate Sustainability Report 2010-11 of Tata Motors Limited.

Commercial Vehicle Business Unit

  • Shareholders: To consistently create shareholder value by generating returns in excess of Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC) during the upturn and at least equal to Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC) during the downturn of the business cycle.
  • Customers: To strengthen the Tata brand and create lasting relationships with the customers by working closely with business partners to provide superior value for money over the life cycle.
  • Employees: To create a seamless organization that incubates and promotes innovation, excellence and the Tata core values.
  • Vendor and Channel Partners: To foster a long-term relationship so as to introduce a broad range of innovative products and services, that would benefit our customers and other stakeholders.
  • Community: To proactively participate in reshaping the country’s economic growth. To take a holistic approach towards environmental protection

Passenger Car Business Unit

  • To be the most admired multi-national Indian car company producing vehicles that people love to buy.
  • To create an organization that people enjoy working for, doing business and investing in.
Link – http://www.tatamotors.com/sustainability/CSR-11/pdf/vision-and-mission.pdf

Commercial vehicles

TATA ACE  Small Commercial Vehicle – Tata Introduced the India’s First small mini-truck Ace in 2005. Tata Ace is aimed to offer superior safety in varies condition, style, and cost effectiveness. In may 2005, Tata Ace india’s first four wheel mini truck was launched, and it changed the face of  1-ton goods-carrier in india forever.


* First year sells- 30,000 Aces.

* Demand 70,000 Aces for second Year

* In 2010 , 500,000 Aces vehicles in road.

* Now producing Tata Ace CNG.

* 2007 Tata Launches the Tata Magic, Passenger variant of Tata Ace.

Target Area -Tata Ace is targeting small-scale transporters and entrepreneurs in India. Now farmers and those who wants to carry small products are using it, It is very cheap compared to other transport method, that is the main reason it is very popular in India.

link- http://ace.tatamotors.com/home.php


Light And Intermediate Commercial vehicleTata Motors have verity of vehicle in this segment, like Tata TL 4X4, 207DI, Tata SFC 410 EX These Commercial vehicle are used for urban and rural business and for medium load caring from one place to another.

Target Area- This segment of vehicles are targeting to those tho wants to transport medium load to one place to other, like- fruit transportation, building materials, cloths, and for small business need.

link- http://cv.tatamotors.com/showcase/icv/


Medium and Heavy Commercial Vehicle
Tata Motors have more then 60% of the market in india in Medium and Heavy vehicles. Tata Motors in known for best makers of Medium and Heavy vehicles in india, And also famous worldwide after starting making vehicles with Deawoo in Korea.

Target Area- Heavy Industrial work,Long distance transportation, Transport cement Mixture, transpiration of oil and gasoline, transpiration of big containers, for heavy loading.
This segment of Tata motors are targeting series business and heavy and long transportation’s.

link- http://cv.tatamotors.com/showcase/mcv/applications/


Buses From Tata Motors
Tata Motors is world second largest Medium and heavy bus maker of world. Tata has Monopoly in bus making in India. Tata give you many different category of buses. Depending on the use.
Targeting Area- The buses made by Tata Motors are used for Tours and Travels, public transpiration, As a city bus, as well as School bus.

Area Tata Buses serves   - http://buses.tatamotors.com/products/products.aspx
Tata Motors Buses link   – http://buses.tatamotors.com/


Passenger Vehicles

Different audiences are been targeted by different types of passenger vehicles varying on their specific needs.

The Nano car communication strategy is design for individual people and families with low budget of all ages and genders within India, living in rural and non-rural places.

Link – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3WB87eo_obU

Indica car, Vista car and Indigo car TV commercials are design for city stylish young working individuals. The majority of the advertisements seek single men of an age between 20 and 30 years with an opposite-to-relax way of life.

Link – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UJte0UG0R34&NR=1

Military Solutions

Tata motors is one of the oldest Motor company of India and also have most reliable and big company of country, that is the main reason of the serving the military and paramilitary of India and some other country. Since 1958, Tata Motors has proudly provided over 100,000 vehicles to military and paramilitary forces of various countries.

The Tata Motors Defense Solutions is a branch of Tata Motors Limited and is focused on military defense and technology institutions from different nations.

Link – www.defencesolutions-tatamotors.com


The stakeholders on the other hand are interested in the company’s events and financial information. They can always look for this information in the main Web site.

Link – http://www.tatamotors.com/investors/investors.php.


Tata Motors states to be working with a “highly motivated and talented” staff selected among graduates from “premier universities, management and engineering institutes in India”. The company’s employees are guided by the vision “best in the manner in which we operate, best in the products we deliver, and best in our value system and ethics”.

Link – http://www.tatamotors.com/careers/workwithus.php.

Link – http://www.tatamotors.com/know-us/company-profile.php.

Tata Motors global presence

Tata Motors global presence

In order to gather the information above, we used the book Strategic Communication for Nonprofit Organizations.

References –

Sally J. Patterson, Janel M. Radket (2009). Step Three: Focusing the Plan Target Audiences. Strategic Communication for Nonprofit Organizations, p. 65-76

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  1. Mustafa says:

    Congratulations for a great post guys. :) You have done a lot with this task. A large number of statistics and links are there. You have segmented the Target Audiences very well. I was just thinking whether the Government or the State, in some sense under geographic information, would be an audience or not. What do you think guys? :)

    • prototypeview says:

      thanks for comment
      As per my understanding you wanted to know about Tata Motors Targets, Related to state wise and related to government?
      Ans- Yes,Tata motors has very good image worldwide, it already have many plants and Tata is working in many area like software, telecomm..Government treats Tata motors as very suitable corp. for producing vehicle for Government use. Tata motors provides military and paramedical vehicle to government. You will find most of the state government buses from tata motors that shows the Tata’s connectivity with state government.
      States govt. like Gujarat, Karnataka and Chattisgarh want Tata motors to be in their states, because Tata Motors will provide thousands of direct and indirect jobs in state as well as it would be helpful to the progress of state. State and central government give subsidies to Tata Motors products.
      In conclusion we can say ,that Tata motors is first choice of state and central government requirement for vehicle.
      For more info. i am adding links.-

      how Gujarat state government and Tata motors

      Karnataka state Government and Tata Motors-

      hopefully this ans will cover all your doubt. You are always welcome to comment.


      • Mustafa says:

        Thanks. Actually, my question was a little different. :)

        I had just a small curiosity that whether the Government or the State, in some sense under geographic information, can be considered as an audience for Tata Motors or not.

        Anyway, your links were good to get some more information of Tata Motors Limited. :)

        • Defiantly, Tata motors consider Government and the state as its audience, I mentioned that tata motors gets the requirements from government and state govt. it is only possible when Tata have good relations between govt.. and Tata targets the government as it’s costumers.
          It is very important to be consistant in work because many company try to get govt. projects.
          I am adding a link that says that- “Delhi Transport corporation gave 2200 crore ($450US millions) contract to Tata Motors”


          Tata motors get the contract second time from DTC. that shows the targeting government as audience.
          I hope this answer will helpful to you .. :-)

          Prateek Verma

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