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Tata Nano – World’s cheapest car by Tata motors Nano Review              Customer post purchase review


Customer post purchase review         Overdrive review Tata Nano

Why Tata Nano is cheap. Why Nano is cheap.

Tata Ace – India’s first min-truck


Customer feedback                                  Tata magic Advertisement


Customer feedback Tata Ace                  Tata ace CNG


 Tata Motor,s  Air Car – future project  

The car would run on compressed air that pushes the pistons instead of fuel combustion. Tata Motors has said that a range of 300 km between the two fill-ups which may cost around Rs 80-90 in India. The compressed air car will return a top speed of 65 mph, it added. Meanwhile, it is being said that the French company has also developed an alternative means to power the car. This would be akin to be hybrid, which uses a  combination of air and petrol, diesel or ethanol. Zero emissions make it a good buy.


Tata Motor’s New launch 



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